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Re: The Code of Conduct needs specifics


[Reading this entire thread before voting.
Clearly too late, or too early. Sorry.]

Steve Langasek wrote (24 Mar 2014 04:37:49 GMT) :
> While it's worth discussing how the code of conduct can be improved, this is
> a wholly unscientific appeal to authority.  There may happen to be a group
> that has worked on CoC questions, but where's the evidence that their answer
> is *right*?  Where is the evidence that their approach to CoCs results in
> materially better outcomes?

It seems to me that groups or individuals who are frequently harassed,
and are historically excluded from our community, have a very relevant
point of view when it comes to "what would make you feel more
comfortable in getting involved in your community?" (assuming one of
the CoC goals is to address this question, even if it's not meant as
an anti-harassment policy).

In case we have no scientific proof of either of the hypothesis at
hand, then I am strongly inclined to simply consider recommendations
coming from these groups as obviously more relevant than those coming
from people who are unlikely to be harassed.

Oh, and access to science knowledge and to the material means to do
spend time doing research is not equally distributed either.
When basically the same groups are historically excluded from science
as from Free Software, I heavily doubt that waiting for scientific
evidence before taking action is the best way to change the
status quo.

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