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Re: Hello! I am from argentina

On 04/08/2014 03:05 AM, Fernando Mogrovejo wrote:> Hello my name is
fernando. I'm from Argentina and I really like to try free
> software, software to spread that people my conosca free software
> community. Unfortunately I have good internet speed and will not let me
> lower your operating system, wanted to know if could send me a physical
> copy of the operating system in order to try and spread it in my
>>From already thank you very much and I hope your answer ancioso.
> Greetings, closely fernando

Hello Fernando,

De que parte de Argentina sos?
En el pais hay varios LUGs (Linux User Groups, grupos de usuarios de
Linux) a donde te podrias acercar y quizas puedas obtener una copia de
Debian, ademas de contactarte con otros usuarios de tu zona.
Tambien cabe aclarar que esta lista no es la apropiada para escribir
estos correos, por otro lado debian-user-spanish@lists.debian.org es un
poco mas apropiada para contactarte con usuarios de Debian de hablahispana.
Podes anotarte aca:

Same answer, now in english for the record.

Where in Argentina do you live?
There are many LUGs in this country where you could go and may be obtain
a copy of Debian, and also keep in touch with other users near you.
Also, it's worth to notice that this is not the appropiate list to write
for this stuff, OTOH debian-user-spanish@lists.debian.org is more
appropiate to stay in touch with spanish speaking Debian users.


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