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Re: systemd bad press? score card?

On 10/02/14 19:42, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.com.au> writes:
>> However, when I look for an up to date summary of the situation that is
>> one of the top things revealed in Google
>> Other high ranking pages on the topic don't seem to be up to date:
>> https://wiki.debian.org/Debate/initsystem/
>> https://wiki.debian.org/systemd
>> Is there any page that anybody is maintaining with live updates on the
>> key points people need to know (without digging through the threads)?
> The TC is not in a position to say much at the moment.  TC voting on the
> question posed Saturday hasn't ended yet (Andi hasn't voted), and even at
> its conclusion, that statement is going to necessarily be fairly sparse.
> There is ongoing (I hope) discussion over whether to offer technical
> advice to the project on how to handle sysvinit compatibility for jessie,
> dependencies, and the possibility of support for multiple init systems,
> which has not concluded.  I think there's general consensus that no one
> should rush into anything, packaging-wise, until we have a good idea of
> how we're handling those issues, whether or not the TC is the appropriate
> place to hammer them out.

I wasn't pushing for commitments in any form - just a summary of points
that are agreed, points that remain contentious, roadmap for decision
making, etc

> In addition, given previous public statements, it seems at least somewhat
> likely that we're going to have a GR, so from the press perspective the
> whole question is not settled.
> I personally would defer to the Debian press team to decide whether they
> feel we should make a public statement at this time.  I think we're still
> in the middle of our process, which I understand that a lot of people
> outside the project find baffling and protracted.  I'm not sure whether
> it's a good idea to comment on that or not.
> My personal professional experience is that ignoring the press unless you
> have something specific you want to say is a good default, but this is
> *far* from my area of expertise.

I have little expertise in that too, but this strategy has been used
recently with smartphones and it could be fun:

a) put a "preview" of jessie with (insert name of new init system) on a
b) leave the laptop in a gym or bar
c) somebody "finds" laptop with (not exactly secret or proprietary code)
and press duly reports an "exclusive" leak

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