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Re: GR: Selecting the default init system for Debian

"Didier 'OdyX' Raboud" <odyx@debian.org> writes:
> Le dimanche, 19 janvier 2014, 12.39:01 Ian Jackson a écrit :

>> I agree.  I think that would be quite bad.  We could explicitly state
>> in our TC resolution that the TC decision can be vacated by General
>> Resolution on a simple majority.

> I don't think our constitution allows a resolution of the TC to change 
> how §4.1.4 has to be interpreted for a GR overriding it[0]. It would 
> certainly need to be checked with the secretary (CC'ed, just in case).

Personally, I think we should amend the constitution to remove this
requirement, but in the meantime, it's obviously possible for the TC to
change its own decision.  So, failing any other approach, the TC can
simply vote to adopt the GR decision as its own decision, which only
requires a simple majority in the TC (assuming this isn't a matter that
involves a maintainer override).

I'll defer to the secretary on whether it makes sense for the TC to do
this in advance, or whether to be formally correct we would have to do so
after the GR had passed.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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