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Re: GR: Selecting the default init system for Debian

Neil McGovern writes ("Re: GR: Selecting the default init system for Debian"):
> That would certainly seem to be the case, but it would be illogical for
> a group who is happy to be overridden with a lower requirement to be
> prevented from doing so!


I think it's perfectly possible for a TC resolution to make its
meaning dependent on future facts.  "If X and Y, then A, otherwise B".
It is also perfectly possible for a TC resolution to retract or modify
a previous TC resolution.  So all that's needed is for the TC to say
"all of our init system resolutions should be treated as withdrawn if
contradicted by a simple majority in a GR".

> Ian - any thoughts on if your tech-ctte constitution GR could address
> this?

You mean my TC resolution draft.  Well, if you look at the debian-ctte
list you will see that Bdale has decided to take matters into his own
hands.  He has proposed his own version of an init system resolution
which lacks the GR override clause, without giving anyone a chance to
comment on the text before calling for a vote.

(I'm pretty cross with Bdale about that.  Also he failed to send his
messages to the bug, but only send them to the debian-ctte list.)

I have proposed a separate TC resolution to try to address this, but
it's obviously less clear.


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