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Re: Debian services and Debian infrastructure

On Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 11:07:49PM +0100, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> > Since we discussed that back in June, you added 'providing an OpenStack
> > cloud' on the DSA radar (it noticed that it was mentioned in the 'just
> > starting' category of DSA meeting minutes).
> It's sgran who's been thinking about how to do this, but afaik he's seen
> close to zero interest from developers for it, so it's not happened
> yet.  I don't think we need anything from the DPL as such, but if people
> are actually interested in something like this happening, saying so
> would be a good start.
> The lack of feedback worries me a bit, since one one hand it seems like
> you're pushing quite hard for a cloud and all that, yet we're not seeing
> a user demand. It could be that people don't approach DSA for whatever
> reason (if so, we should fix that), but doing lots of work for something
> we don't know if it's needed doesn't sound like a good use of our time.

You're quite right on this.  On the other hand, as a random DD, I
wouldn't have dared asking DSA to set up a sort of Debian private cloud
(which I think would be a good idea in general) without knowing
beforehand that DSA had at least some interest in the idea. This is not
because I'm scared of approaching DSA or anything such, but because I
know that setting up such an infra could be a lot of work. In general,
Due to the way improvements are usually achieved in Debian, I'm much
more likely to ask fellow DDs to implement small changes (better if I've
patches to propose) than to ask them to do a lot of work for my needs.

But I certainly understand that DSA is not willing to work on something
substantial until you know there is enough demand to make it worth.

So, in the end, this sounds like a good match-making situation. If
you're worried about demand how about mentioning this in a future DSA
mail to d-d-a? (No, I don't think this thread is enough visibility,
especially considering the conflictual parts it went through.) Just ask
people that would potentially use this service to let you know.

I, for one thing, would be interested in something like this. To be
clear, I don't have anything which is currently *waiting* for this.
Looking back at the "services" I've recently worked on in Debian: it
wouldn't have been a good fit for sources.d.n (due to the large storage
requirement), but it would've been for the initial experimental phase of
pts.d.n and possibly (depending on how difficult it'll be to set up VMs)
also for fire-and-forget VMs we have used in the past as build nodes for

Just my 0.02 EUR,
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