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now your friends can call you too

The recently announced SIP service provides accounts for Debian Developers.

Beyond this, we now have a way for other friends and family to call too,
even if they are not ready to become a DD or setup a SIP server for
their own domains.


The caller just has to type your full SIP ID (user@debian.org) in the
destination box and it will let them call.  You will see an incoming
call from "anonymous@freephonebox.net" which you can answer or decline.

You can also create links like this:


and then it will fill in the destination box for the person to call you
more quickly.

To receive the call, you need to be logged in from a browser or have an
Asterisk server connected with AVPF enabled.  Most standalone softphones
don't currently accept AVPF calls from WebRTC.

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