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Re: GR: Selecting the default init system for Debian

Enrico Zini writes ("Re: GR: Selecting the default init system for Debian"):
> A constructive thing that we may do as a project to address the
> political side of the matter, is to add to our technical decision a list
> of things that we wish our upstreams would do to make all our lives
> easier in the future.

The main objections to some of the upstreams' behaviours are,
basically, "they don't care what anyone else thinks, and are trying to
impose their will by various means".  If that's the case, further
imprecations aren't likely to make any difference.

So the main political questions for Debian are (a) is this the case ?
(b) does it matter ?  (c) what are we going to do about it ?


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