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Re: Updating the Policy Editors delegation

Le lundi, 6 janvier 2014, 16.21:52 Ian Jackson a écrit :
> I think the constitutional position of the policy team is as follows:
> They are a package maintainer team.  They normally make their
> decisions themselves under 3.1.1.

I think that framing the policy team primarily into a package 
maintaining team is unwarrantedly limited: the "Debian policy" is 
primarily a reference document much more than its massaging into a 
package [0].

As the work of that team has quite some impact on the rest of the 
developers' work [1], I feel it is perfectly normal that it is 
delegated, and therefore don't understand how Lucas' latest delegation 
suddenly became a constitutional problem in your eyes.



[0] How the Debian policy is shipped in the debian-policy package is
    indeed "packaging work", but I see that as an almost-completely
    separate activity.
[1] Policy becomes encoded into lintian checks, which then can become
    FTP-master auto-rejects; making the compliance effectively 

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