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Re: Copyright arrangements for a web project

* Paul Tagliamonte <paultag@debian.org>, 2013-12-15, 10:02:
As an additional permission, you may use, redistribute and/or modify this work under any DFSG (Debian Free Software Guidelines) free license, as interpreted by the Debian FTP Team, or the Debian Project by means of General Resolution. Examples of DFSG free licenses include the GPL, LGPL, AGPL, Apache 2, MIT/Expat, or CDDL.

How is your meta-license better than existing permissive licenses? I wish people didn't invent new (meta-)licenses needlessly. :/

Also, don't forget that GPLv7 will be non-free, so you shouldn't include versionless GPL on your list. :>

Jakub Wilk

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