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Re: Buying hardware with Debian money

On 2013-10-20, Lucas Nussbaum <leader@debian.org> wrote:
> A. Memory expansion cards for m68k buildds (expected cost: 500 EUR)
> B. Powerful machine for d-i development (expected cost: 1.5k-2k EUR?)
> C. Laptop for developer (expected cost: 1k-1.5k EUR?)

As such, I think all of it sounds reasonable. Developer time is our most
scarce resource, so if we can do something to make it more efficient, we
should do it.

Including the amount mentioned in C. I tried taking the suggested laptop
suggested by Russ and adapt it to be 'good enough' for what I would use
for my debian work and ended up in the 1k-1.5k eur range.

One could though in case both B and C consider suggesting a 10-50% own
payment depending on dialogue between the DPL and the developer in

> I'm not sure of what to do:
> - Debian cannot afford to buy hardware for every DD
> - But many DDs don't need Debian to buy hardware for them
> - This machine is more general-purpose, not specific to Debian work than in=
>  (B)
> So far, I answered with the following question:
>> How much do you honestly think that this purchase will increase your
>> Debian productivity?

Back when I was a generic first world student, something like that could
have made my productivity increased enough to definately make it worth


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