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DSA Team Meeting minutes, 2013-10-11

luca (Luca Filipozzi)
paravoid (Faidon Liambotis)
weasel (Peter Palfrader)
zumbi (Héctor Orón Martínez)
Mithrandir (Tollef Fog Heen)
zobel (Martin Zobel-Helas)
sgran (Stephen Gran)

Ongoing project update
  o debian.org mail move status (tfheen, sgran)
    - big move is done, cleanup work is needed, esp. to reduce the number of
      mail-receiving hosts
    - unsure at this point if big services like ftp-master & draghi will
      stop accepting mail directly; starting with easier ones such as
      gobby.d.o.  Processing mail locally but not being open to the
      internet is the agreed middle ground.
  o openstack (sgran)
    - Package version evaluation complete.  Havana trial at work underway.  d.o
      deployment work plans started
  o disks for beethoven (weasel, zobel)
    - TK says they can't find any fault with the system; blame it to our
      SATA disks not being enterprise-grade.
    - Peter installed the box and it crashed again, with the controller
      going AWOL
    - This has consumed too much time; agreement to replace beethoven
      early and reuse the disks.
    - ACTION: zobel to look for beethoven replacement (rt #4724)
  o disks for bytemark (tfheen)
    - stalled, on the backburner due to other projects
    - backup disks are getting full; needs reprioritisation
    - ACTION: tfheen to do disks for bytemark
  o ns4 to move away from orff (weasel)
    - no progress
  o CDN plan (tfheen)
    - DPL wants a larger discussion
    - ACTION: tfheen to send an email to debian-project; Lucas to help
  o ARM OOB status (zumbi)
    - we now have serial console (via console servers) to the arm
      machines hosted at ynic and arm.
    - we don't have remote power; this is coming eventually.
  o  ARM Calxeda nodes plan/roadmap (zumbi)
    - nothing new, waiting for the ARM sprint next month (14-17 Nov)
  o Shipping of cyclades console servers
    - we now have a console server in Vienna for the mipsels and we have
      remote power for them.
    - one of the console servers is in Darmstradt but not in man-da yet.
      ETA: one month at most.
  o debdelta, codesearch (tfheen)
    - no progress
  o franck and carepacks (luca, zobel)
    - softchoice unresponsive
    - ACTION: decide what we want, tell SPI treasurer to buy it from CDW
  o SSO status (zobel)
    - no progress. Sprint planned for January.
  o New UD status (luca)
    - plan to roll out in December
    - ACTION: luca to reply to Olivier Berger
  o SSL certificates
    - no reply from Gandi regarding billing challenge (root cause: they
      only handle CC well)
    - ACTION: luca to ping Gandi regarding billing mechanism or 'ssl
      certs in lieu'
  o GRnet hardware purchases
    - GRnet has recommitted to the rack space they offer to Debian but
      want to move Debian equipment to new DC
    - ACTION: paravoid to discuss timing / planning for the move; maybe
      we buy new equipment for the new DC
  o HP AllianceOne for Greece
    - our contact in HP@EU has changed position; need to find new
    - ACTION: paravoid will contact tbm
    - ACTION: paravoid will contact HP reseller that GRnet uses
  o MAN-DA hardware purchases
    - ACTION: zobel will coordinate purchases with those needed for DG-i
      (to replace beethoven)
  o ries disk shipping (luca)
    - in progress; no response from ECE yet
    - ACTION: luca to get this sorted today
  o small items budget
    - discussed on devel, went to d-d-a, done (thanks lucas)
  o alioth hw
    - bytemark blade to be used. no other blockers
  o service guidelines (zobel)
    - no progress
  o archive.org
    - ACTION: luca to ping them
  o stabile
    - ACTION: luca to source new controller cards
  o single source of truth
    - ACTION: luca to look at after ud roll-out

Open items
  o broken HW that needs somebody to deal with it (there should be tickets):
    - saens disk
  o ravel move

Next Meeting: 2014-11-08 1430Z

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