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Re: Paths into Debian

I think the original intent of "gift" was that fixing the bug would be a
welcome and happy gift to the maintainer, rather than that the bug was a
gift to the person fixing it from the maintainer.  But I agree that
doesn't come across all that clearly.

Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org> writes:

> So, folks, what do you propose instead? :)

> If the chosen terminology send the "wrong" message, and hence it's
> potentially a blocker, let's change it (but better do it only *once*,
> hence the need of getting it "right" this time).

We already have an existing help tag for bugs that the maintainer would
like someone else to fix.  As I understand it, the problem with using help
for this purpose was that the help tag could be put on anything up to and
including major rewrites, and the goal of this tag was to identify things
that could be addressed by people new to the package.

Given that, how about something based on the existing help tag, like

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