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Re: Debian companies group

> how do you envision a company with such restrictive policies giving
> back to the developer and user community?

It amazes me how much time we spend discussing he "secret" nature of the list
although it was more than once said that this is not necessarily meant to stay
that way.

To answer your question, some topics simply cannot be put into the open, but I
can easily see these restrictive companies becoming more open once they see
where this is headed.

> so the list would be a safe forum for companies with strict policies
> against sharing information, to seek help from other companies (with
> all privy parties being companies of some minimum size, and employing
> some minimum number of debian project members).

Nice spin you put on the statement, although not backed my email. If this is
how you prefer to discuss, don't be surprised to not see any answer.

> regarding such special needs, i can think of a few projects that could
> use hosting that provides a degree of confidentiality not provided by
> the google-way.  do you suppose that google could make an exception
> for them?  maybe forgo a little data-mining, deny access to
> three-letter agencies, etc?

As a matter of fact I do expect my private discussion remain private forever.
That they don't may or may not be Google's fault. But where's your point? Do
you want to tell us that said three-letter agency has access to private Debian
information? Or that we shouldnÄt care about privacy because they get
everything anyway?

> does it puzzle you more, to encounter some resistance to secrecy here?

In a way it does, after all nothing is withheld from the project. Keep in mind
that the DPL is subscribed, too. Taking about the DPL, why is nobody
complaining that leader@debian.org is not public? Relax, I'm just kidding.

> i sincerely hope that other non-public aspects receive all due
> scrutiny as well.
> don't you?

You might want to search for those in the publicly available archives.


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