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Re: Encouraging packaging questions on local debian-devel-* lists?

[ I hope this mail has the appropriate in-reply-to set, sorry if it has
not. I started via the web link in the archive. ]

> Some made the very good point that english is the lingua franca in 
> Debian, and that you need to be able to interact in english if you 
> want to participate in Debian. However, asking possibly complex 
> packaging questions is more difficult than most interactions we 
> expect from package maintainers.
> I think that a possible compromise would be to update the new 
> maintainer's guide and the debian packaging tutorial to mention 
> debian-devel-{austrian,french,italian,portuguese,spanish}@ as 
> possible lists where it's OK to ask questions about Debian 
> packaging.

I personally would not mind if the debian-user-dutch would be added as
well. There is not so much traffic in the "Dutch" world that would
warrant a separate list.

Please CC me on reply if you drop debian-user-dutch.


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