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Encouraging packaging questions on local debian-devel-* lists?

TL;DR: Question: direct packaging questions to
debian-devel-{austrian,french,italian,portuguese,spanish}@ ?


On 07/08/13 at 21:52 +0200, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> e) do localized versions of debian-mentors (French, German, Spanish, ...),
>    where new contributors can ask questions about packaging
>    [4] very useful  [8] quite useful  [14] quite useless  [6] totally useless

This was discussed a bit at DebCamp.
According to the comments provided with the answers, I feel that:
- many answered that it would have been 'useless for them' because
  they are native english speakers or sufficiently fluent in english.
- a few understood it as 'duplicate mentors.debian.net and/or
  debian-mentors@ into each language' and remarked (rightfully) that it
  would probably be a lot of work.

Some made the very good point that english is the lingua franca in
Debian, and that you need to be able to interact in english if you want
to participate in Debian.
However, asking possibly complex packaging questions is more difficult
than most interactions we expect from package maintainers.

I think that a possible compromise would be to update the new
maintainer's guide and the debian packaging tutorial to mention
debian-devel-{austrian,french,italian,portuguese,spanish}@ as possible
lists where it's OK to ask questions about Debian packaging.

I've looked at the archives of all those lists, and they are all
relatively quiet, so I don't think that the added traffic would be an

I will submit patches in a few days, unless there's consensus that it's
not a good idea to direct people there.


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