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DSA Team Meeting minutes from 20130612 1500Z on #debian-admin/OFTC

Faidon Liambotis (paravoid)
Hector Oron (zumbi)
Martin Zobel-Helas (zobel)
Peter Palfrader (weasel, chairing)
Tollef Fog Heen (Mithrandir)

*absent with regrets*
Luca Filipozzi (luca)

*absent without regrets*
Stephen Gran (sgran)

Minutes taken by: zobel/paravoid

= open purchases =
 o Status of adding disks to beethoven (weasel, zobel)
   - 8 disks have been bought, delivered and installed
   - we are experiencing hardware issues with the backplane that causes
     the disks to be rejected 
   - zobel and weasel are in contact with the vendor
   - we're now on the 3rd replacement and they keep being broken
 o Status of buying disks for hosting location bytemark
   - We received approval from the DPL for buying 4TB disks
   - Mithrandir voluntered to get the first disk & coordinate installation
   - once that's done and we've confirmed that the shelf can accept the
     larger disks, we will purchase the other 24 disks.
 o Status of franck.debian.org carepacks (luca)
   - luca is in contact with the US/Canadian vendor 'SoftChoice'
   - ftp-master is currently not covered by a carepack

= Status report on running/finished projects =
== finished ==
 o munin (weasel)
   - moved away from spohr
   - is much more performant as the old installation
   - now using munin-async for wheezy hosts
   - migration done
 o archive qualification / DSA concerns
   - concerns from DSA have been sent to Release Team
     - http://lists.debian.org/20130622172644.GA32752@ftbfs.de
   - no remarkable feedback
   - needs followup for ia64 (Mithrandir)

== ongoing ==
 o SSO progress (zobel)
   - no progress has been made since DSA Sprint 2013
   - DACS config needs some cleanup in puppet to be more useful
   - enrico volunteered for nm.debian.org being guinea pig for new
   - alioth integration next up, preparation on alioth side done
   Action: zobel to clean up config and do admin documentation
 o debian.org mail move (sgran+Mithrandir)
   - DDs with unclear mail settings got informed. no bounces received.
   - given sufficient time (~one month), shouldn't worry too
     much for breaking them.
   - no progress has been made since DSA Sprint 2013
   Action: sgran and Mithrandir to implement local part
     extension handling when forwarding to mail to master,
     putting aliases into puppet, then switching over MX.
 o openstack (sgran)
   - presumably no progress has been made since DSA Sprint 2013
 o Bytemark move (zobel)
   - hoster wants to move the blade center and the storage arrays to a
     different datacenter
   - move has been postponed by hoster due to upstream issues
   - Bytemark has been informed that move cannot occur in the weeks
     surrounding or during DebConf13
   Action: Bytemark will inform DSA Team about new date
 o new ud status (luca)
   - no new progress has been made since DSA Sprint 2013
 o outsourcing DNS slave servers (paravoid)
   - evaluate the technical features and decide go/no-go
   - defer discussions about "cost recovery" (with DPL) and
     more SPI projects (with DNSco) after the evaluation
   Action: waiting on trial account
 o commercial SSL/HTTPS certificates for debian.org (luca)
   - some progress made in cooperation with Joerg Jaspert
   Action: luca to follow up with gandi to initiate zone transfers
 o moving ns4 away from orff.debian.org (weasel)
   - goal is to move to bind 9.9 and inline autosigning
   - blocked on having a recent-ish bind9 in unstable
   - needs writing new scripts to rotate keys
   - when done, move all our zones to a new ns4 primary (man-da?)
   Action: wait for newer bind packages, write key rotation scripts,
           test and evaluate with a zone that is not debian.org.

= new projects that got assigned to owners =

 o  HW purchase for hosting location GRNET
   - talk with GRNET
   - talk with vendor

 o service guidelines
   - draft a text and share the link

 o CDN plan
   - Unanswered questions:
     - rsync, how to handle?
     - mail for security.d.o
     - anycasted IP?

 o arm OOB status
   - arm machines at arm ltd. moved to different server room
     - still no remote power/serial console
   - coordinate w/ Sledge/mhy for console switches
 o track shipping status for four cyclade console servers currently
   located at schultmc owned by debian

 o with merikanto, englund and lindberg gone, beethoven is the only
   point of access to the sil mgmt VLAN.  Not good if we need to get to
   beethoven's OOB.
   Action: eysler and eder to be put on the mgmt VLAN

= new projects without an assigned owner =
 o SSOT (single source of thruth) [possibly luca post ud]
 o ravel move
   - identify services on ravel
   - inform service owners
   - move services

= Other business =
 o RT triage/call for help
   weasel mentioned lots of tickets are sitting in our RT queues and not
   getting much attention and love.  Appeal to fellow admins to look into
   RT and pick up tickets.

   It was pointed out that some of them do not need admin privileges to
   fix or at least to significantly help.  Maybe something for volunteers.

= Next meeting =
  August 9th, 2013 - 1430Z

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