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DPL helpers meeting on tuesday (2013-07-02)


We have a DPL helpers meeting planned tomorrow:
  2013-07-02 17:00 UTC (date -d @1372784400) on #debian-dpl

The agenda is available at http://titanpad.com/debiandpl-20130702,
and copied below.

* next meeting
vacations period... switch to email until DebConf?

* Status of the DPL TODO list

* New topics

* Action items from last meeting (please update status and mention if discussion is needed. if not, we will just skip it during the meeting)
** DONE bgupta Follow up with debian.mx, with proposal to allow them to continue using domain (waiting for reply)
** TODO bgupta seek advice from lucas on some debian.* edge cases (via email)
** DONE lucas to request Joe and Richard to be added to trademark@, and clarify with them that we will re-evaluate their status in september
** DONE lucas to ask new trademark members about alioth login
** DONE lucas to attend spi meeting on 2013-06-13
** TODO bgupta Help Martin (auditor) draft specs for TO requirements (Martin has agreed for help offer)
** DONE lucas to provide background to bgupta on deb(ian)?-multimedia.org
** TODO zack to answer on -cloud@ about general philosophical statements from Debian
** TODO moray to propose a more detailed process about the teams survey
** TODO moray to initiate work on paths into the project
** TODO Diziet make progress on inbound trademark policy
** TODO paultag do ics automailer
** DONE bgupta to send follow-up post on -project; then request approval for spending (via email); then go through the process with SPI+SFLC. Email to mishi sent to ask next steps for us registration.


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