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Re: Report from the DSA Team Sprint 2013-06

On 06/22/2013 02:07 AM, Peter Palfrader wrote:
> o) Experimental VMs:
>    We plan to set up a blade at our hosting at Bytemark with
>    Openstack.  Lucas raised the question of having a self-service
>    provisioning service for virtual machines available to Debian
>    Developers.  Lucas, in a mail to the team, mused that the high bar
>    of access to virtual machines was impeding development of tools
>    that help the distribution, and we think that if this is indeed the
>    case, lowering the bar would be a good thing.  As it's not clear
>    what the level of abandoned experiments will be, we are planning to
>    initially make this a very disposable service - deletion of VMs
>    after N amount of time and that sort of thing.  Exact details are
>    not set in stone.


As the main maintainer of OpenStack in Debian, I would very welcome such
a service. If I can be of any help, please let me know. I could even do
the deployment if needed (or just help doing it). And I'm convinced that
my colleagues would be very happy to help too.

For implementing the deletion of VMs, probably heat can do that (not sure).

For Auth, keystone has an ldap plugin, so that should work (though it is
to handle with care, as LDAP support was the source of many security
problems and CVE recently).

FYI, I would warmly recommend to use Ceph rather than the cinder LVM
back-end. I used that, and it's really a cool project.

Also, upgrades from one OpenStack version to the next might be annoying
(it always is with OpenStack), and this has to be planned.

Please get in touch if you need me,

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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