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DPL helpers meeting postponed to next week


There was a DPL helpers meeting planned tomorrow. However, the number of
discussion topics seems rather low. (things are moving, but don't seem
to require discussion).

So, we are postponing the meeting to next week, same time as usual:
  2013-07-02 17:00 UTC (date -d @1372784400) on #debian-dpl

Updated agenda is available at:

And copied here:
#+TITLE: DPL helpers - working agenda
#+DATE:  [2013-07-02 Tue 17:00]

* next meeting

* New topics

* Action items from last meeting (please update status and mention if discussion is needed. if not, we will just skip it during the meeting)
** DONE bgupta Follow up with debian.mx, with proposal to allow them to continue using domain (waiting for reply)
** TODO bgupta seek advice from lucas on some debian.* edge cases (via email)
** DONE lucas to request Joe and Richard to be added to trademark@, and clarify with them that we will re-evaluate their status in september
** DONE lucas to ask new trademark members about alioth login
** DONE lucas to attend spi meeting on 2013-06-13
** TODO bgupta Help Martin (auditor) draft specs for TO requirements (Martin has agreed for help offer)
** DONE lucas to provide background to bgupta on deb(ian)?-multimedia.org
** TODO zack to answer on -cloud@ about general philosophical statements from Debian
** TODO moray to propose a more detailed process about the teams survey
** TODO moray to initiate work on paths into the project
** TODO Diziet make progress on inbound trademark policy
** TODO paultag do ics automailer
** DONE bgupta to send follow-up post on -project; then request approval for spending (via email); then go through the process with SPI+SFLC. Email to mishi sent to ask next steps for us registration.

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