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Re: how to install scanner on my Debian

On Jo, 17 ian 13, 21:24:33, aniakufel wrote:
> I have been a user of Debian for about half a year and generally
> speaking the whole process on installing this system did not cause
> me a lot of problems, hovewer some minor problems, as usual, had to
> appear. There is one problem  I do not how to cope with, namely my
> old scanner MUSTEK 1200 which I have not been able to install
> successfully on my Debian so far. I have been trying to find a
> solution to this problen on the Internet, but nothing interesting
> has been found. I would be very grateful if you would send me some
> suggestions concerning what I can do to install my old scanner on my
> beloved Debian version 6.0.

You should contact debian-user instead, this list is not for user 

> I would like to ask you when an official and stable version of a new
> release od Debian will be published.

It's being worked on, hopefully not longer than a few months.

Kind regards,
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