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Re: [Debconf-discuss] ...

Leandro Gómez <leo.telsen@gmail.com>
> Yes, please stop this nonsense!

OK, sure, but could everyone also please stop this sort of nonsense:

> If you haven't been part of local team organizing a DebConf, you don't know
> how frustrating and demoralizing this kind of discussion is. [...]

and (quoting Gunnar Wolf):

> we should
> have a talk about this kind of topics. Maybe as a DebConf session,

Both of those are rather bizarre concepts which will probably lead to
a feedback loop, because mainly people who agree with how DebConf is
currently organised will help organise one; and mainly people who
DebConf currently serves will attend one.

This is a far better idea and I commend it to everyone:

> maybe as a mail thread during a quieter period.

Anyone like to suggest when that quieter period might be?

(back to quoting Leandro):

> Please use your time and energy on something more productive and urgent.
> Like helping the local team to make DebConf13 a success.

I think I disagree with the current organisation processes but this
isn't the time for specifics.  So I wish you all the best in making
the event a success and hope that all those involved find it
rewarding, but I'm going to work on other things instead.  (This is
sometimes called a yellow light, or stand-aside.)

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