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Re: Debian with Gnome 2 ?

On 09/16/2012 02:01 PM, Ka Hay wrote:
Unfortunately, with Ubuntu again, I was unable to start that famous fallback mode. I followed every step of every instruction that I found, re-installing the Linux in the mean time and no luck, Sir, it just did not like me. I am not so stupid for a girl but I had no luck at all.
Try to completly uninstall the 'gnome-shell' package only (did the trick for me but still uses too much memory).

A very good alternative and very light solution is to install 'lightdm' with 'xfce4' but if you still want a gnome2 like environment the best is the MATE ... is a fork from gnome2 and works perfectly ... check this <http://mate-desktop.org/>http://wiki.mate-desktop.org/download


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