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Re: trademark policy draft

Luca BRUNO <lucab@debian.org> writes:

> Stefano Zacchiroli scrisse:
>> > > \item You cannot use DEBIAN trademarks in a domain name, with or
>> > > without commercial intent.
>> > So debian.mirror.my.org is illegal?
>> I've been correct by Mako on this before. Short answer: hostname !=
>> domain name, so "debian.mirror.my.org" is perfectly fine.  (No, I
>> don't have a clear definition for "domain name" to offer, but it is
>> intended here as "the things that you register via a domain name
>> registrar".)
> IMHO it is already clear as it is, opposing a plain domain name to a
> fully qualified domain name, but maybe you may prefer an explanatory
> parenthesis as in:
> """
> \item You cannot use DEBIAN trademarks in a domain name (ie. a
> second-level domain or equivalent), with or without commercial intent.
> """

The trouble with trying to nail that definition down is that there are
people who are foolish enough to buy domains of the form:


which is not a second-level domain in any sense, as it's a sub-domain of
the normally registered uk.com.

On the other hand, the sorts of people that are liable to be confused by
Debian trademark abuse, are also going to be confused by the distinction
between .uk.com and .co.uk

Cheers, Phil.
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