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Re: DebConf travel sponsorship

On 06/20/2012 04:57 PM, Martin Wuertele wrote:
> * Iain Lane <laney@debian.org> [2012-06-20 16:25]:
>> Decisions and transfers of money should happen significantly before the
>> conference is to take place. 4-6 months, as you suggest, is probably
>> about fair. I would very much hope, given the importance of Debconf,
>> that Debian is willing to underwrite this cost.
> I disagree here. For documentation and accounting purpose tickets and
> similar invoices are required. From experience if you give money out
> first you are hunting documents forever. However if we take the usual 6
> weeks credit card delay period into account it should be possible to
> reimburse, provided copies of the documents are sent in time, within
> that period.

That pretty much depends on your credit card company. My VISA card is
from my "normal" bank and there is no delay at all, the money is just
gone from my bank account as soon as I pay with it.

If invoices are required, then Debian should book flights for people or
find some other solution to receive those documents, without asking
people to book there flights in the hope that they will be reimbursed
later - the result is probably that those people who are not able to
attend without being sponsored are not able to come at all because they
can't pay that sum in advance.

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