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Re: RFC - Changing current policy of debian.net entries

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Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> - I've already discussed in a related thread of a few months ago how I
>   think the current distinction between debian.net and debian.org should
>   be documented, incidentally resolving other visibility problems of
>   those services. Not that the dnsZoneEntry LDAP entry is publicly
>   available, we should have an automated generated index of debian.net
>   services, with pointers to the responsible DD. I think it'd be a good
>   idea to have such index live at http://www.debian.net together with an
>   explanation of the debian.net/.org distinction. I don't think *this
>   part* of the confusion is enough to justify changes of the current
>   scheme (but see below for another possible reason).
>   Stuart Prescott (Cc:-ed) has already drafted an implementation of the
>   index generation and I've encouraged him to submit it as a wishlist
>   bug report + patch to the -www team a few weeks ago. Stuart: any news
>   on that front? (I can't check if the bug report is on right now due to
>   shaky mobile phone connection.)

I discussed my draft implementation in #debian-www a week or so ago. For 
those who are curious, the debian.net list and page I put together can be 
viewed at:


(that URL just being a tmpdir on a machine with the right CSS and image 
files in the right places for the debian theme)

The reaction from #debian-www was underwhelming.

* there was a suggestion to move this somewhere under /devel instead. That's 
easy to do, but these are resources for both users and developers, so that 
doesn't necessarily improve things.

* there was a suggestion that DSA should generate this directly and include 
it on db.debian.org. I've not talked to DSA about this idea but would 
happily help them do that if they wanted.

* the demo page includes the "description" from the existing wiki page [1] 
and a description of the domain seems like a sensible thing to have. Any TXT 
records that have been defined in LDAP for a domain are also used for the 
descriptions. Since TXT records can't be defined for CNAME entries, I can't 
see a good way of allowing the domain owner of a CNAME to provide or update 
a description, unless LDAP were to carry TXT records for CNAMEs for 
documentation purposes but ignore them when generating the zone file. [2]

And that's where everything ground to a halt. Suggestions welcome.

FWIW, I feel that the multilevel debian.net proposal that is discussed in 
this thread is overly bureaucratic; debian.net is currently the bazaar and 
trying to turn it into the cathedral seems wrong. It also pushes existing 
valuable resources like ircbots.debian.net and mentors.debian.net into a 
fringe where there is no team to bless them and yet they are also not in any 


[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianNetDomains

[2] Previous suggestions in this thread to use TXT records to find out who 
owns the domain (dig +short -ttxt love.debian.net) also fail for records 
that are CNAME records rather than A records for example, "dig +short -ttxt 
x.debian.net". 50% of all the debian.net records are CNAME not A so this 
method works half the time... Maybe we should publish a list of domain 
owners on the web?

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