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Re: RFC - Changing current policy of debian.net entries

On Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 11:01:56PM +0200, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
> The current practice for debian.net entries is that they are directly
> entered in the debian.net zone as 3rd-level records. I am seeking
> comments on a proposal to alter this practice.

Thanks for working on the idea!
Here are a few comments of mine:

- I like very much the idea of thinking at *.debian.net entries as
  services in "incubation". It is way clearer than our current notion of
  "official" vs "non-official" (hosting), which is something that people
  who have no idea what "DSA" is simply cannot understand. Additionally,
  it bring purpose to debian.net entries as something temporary that
  should at least ideally strive to move to debian.org.  Not because our
  DSAs are control freak (they're not), but rather because debian.org
  hosting gives more guarantees to the Debian Project of long term
  maintenance, usually because it reduces the bus factor risk.

  Making this even clearer with a *.incubator.debian.org namespace might
  be a good idea. (Modulo some transition time, doing so will eventually
  replace *.debian.net, if I got that right.)

- I've already discussed in a related thread of a few months ago how I
  think the current distinction between debian.net and debian.org should
  be documented, incidentally resolving other visibility problems of
  those services. Not that the dnsZoneEntry LDAP entry is publicly
  available, we should have an automated generated index of debian.net
  services, with pointers to the responsible DD. I think it'd be a good
  idea to have such index live at http://www.debian.net together with an
  explanation of the debian.net/.org distinction. I don't think *this
  part* of the confusion is enough to justify changes of the current
  scheme (but see below for another possible reason).

  Stuart Prescott (Cc:-ed) has already drafted an implementation of the
  index generation and I've encouraged him to submit it as a wishlist
  bug report + patch to the -www team a few weeks ago. Stuart: any news
  on that front? (I can't check if the bug report is on right now due to
  shaky mobile phone connection.)

- Regarding *.$user.debian.net vs *.debian.net, I think both have value.

  The former might be useful for DDs that want to offer some kind of
  service, but explicitly want to avoid "polluting" a namespace that
  makes services *look* somehow blessed by the Debian Project. That is
  an attitude we should cherish and support.  If we go for the
  incubation principle, it will also be useful to explicitly mark which
  services are /not/ in incubation, but only personal hacks that will be
  perceived as less "stable".

  The latter (*.debian.net) is important for the opposite reason:
  explicitly communicate that a service is somewhat tied to the Debian
  Project, even though not officially hosted on its infrastructure
  (yet). Unfortunately, your proposal is silent on who/how will decide
  when a *.debian.net entries is acceptable or not. It's hard to comment
  on that :-), but I think it's crucial to have a proposal about it
  before deciding on the more general scheme you're proposing.

  Generally speaking, every time we add an approval step I start to fear
  bottlenecks and the creation of new mighty powers; avoiding that is
  one of the key advantages of the current scheme. If the main problem
  is "squatting", then I see two possible solutions:

  1) be liberal by default, but empower someone to decide that a name is
     not acceptable. I think DSA would be a reasonable choice, as you
     already decide on *.debian.org, but I suspect DSA would not want to
     have this veto power (choice which I respect)

  2) find some clear cut rule. One I've proposed in the past is that for
     any *.debian.org entry, the corresponding *.debian.net should not
     exist (or point to the debian.org ones, depending on the protocol).
     This one will still give some sort of veto power to DSA, but it
     will come with the factual justification of an existing homonymous

  Technically, I also fear the collisions between *.$user.debian.net and
  *.debian.net: the latter is open ended, as well as the user namespace
  in Debian.

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