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Re: Diversity statement for the Debian Project

Stefano Zacchiroli <leader@debian.org> writes:

> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The Debian Project welcomes and encourages participation by everyone.
> It doesn't matter how you identify yourself or how others perceive you:
> we welcome you. We welcome contributions from everyone as long as they
> interact constructively with our community.
> While much of the work for our project is technical in nature, we value
> and encourage contributions from those with expertise in other areas,
> and welcome them into our community.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> It seems to me that there is consensus in going ahead with such a
> statement, modulo some minor disagreements on the form that can still be
> fixed once published following the usual (bug reporting) procedure. I
> hereby declare that, as DPL, I'm happy with it and I'm ready to ask the
> WWW and Press teams to publish and advertise it as a project-wide
> statement.

Hooray! Nicely done, Francesca and everyone else involved in molding
this statement.

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