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Re: Diversity statement for the Debian Project

On Tue, 27 Mar 2012, Jose Luis Rivas wrote:
> If is proposed to GR as it is written now, I will most probably vote
> against it too. I thought the diversity statement was to let everybody
> know they were welcome to work in the project, not that they have to
> think in certain way nor we will have yet another document telling us
> how to behave (I have enough of that with my country laws).

I fail to see where the diversity statement dictates your behaviour or
your thoughts.

It just says "we welcome everybody" pointing out some of the differences
that by themselves can't be ground to be excluded from this welcoming
attitude. Yet at the same time we reaffirm that people who join should be
committed to be constructive towards our common project of building the
best free OS.

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