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Re: delegation for the Press Team


Stefano Zacchiroli <leader@debian.org> (21/03/2012):
> Dear Developers,
>   the Press Team is changing! Francesca Ciceri and Neil McGovern have
> accepted the promotion from assistants to press officers. At the same
> time, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl and Meike Reichle have decided to step
> down from the team, after many years of tireless contributions.
> Please join me in welcoming our new press overl{adies,ords}, as well as
> in thanking Alexander and Meike for their numerous past contributions.

welcome! And big thanks to Alexander+Meike!

> We have also took this chance to clarify the role and responsibilities
> of the press team. The "job description" is reported below, as part of
> the formal delegation.

Typo below:

> Job Description
> ---------------
> - The Press Team is the official Debian contact point for press
>   inquiries and media people outside Debian. When acting in such
>   capacity, members of the Press Team act as spokespersons of the Debian
>   Project.
> - In addition, members of the team moderate news and announcement
>   mailing lists of general interest, such as debian-announce and
>   debian-news (but not the the localized -news-$lang mailing lists).

s/the the/the/


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