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Re: Finding sponsors for Debian

On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 12:50:44PM +0100, Arno Töll wrote:
> As I already reported, he would basically like to see a financial
> summary for what purpose Debian spends money. It may be all obvious to
> Debian Developers but it is not to outsiders. He literally said "If I
> donate Debian 20 servers, I know what they use them for. But I don't
> know what they do with my money". You know, he's $boss, he has no time
> (let's pretend it is time :)) to dig mailing lists, SPI board minutes
> and such to grab the information he's interested in. He probably would
> like to see some nifty overview tables, some fancy pie charts and
> actual expenses presented in a fashion someone not involved into
> Debian can understand.

Awesome. This is exactly what the auditors are working on, in particular
thanks to the recent frenetic work on the matter by Martin Michlmayr.
The ETA for delivery is still as vague as "in the next $few months" but
we're as close to the goal as we have ever been (I've given some more
pointers about all this in my platform).

According to a recent discussion with Martin, right not is not a good
moment to volunteer to help, because a lot of work is ongoing and it
need to be stabilized a bit before others could help.

But it is useful to have this discussion. I hope it shows how this kind
of work is important for the project, and not just useless bureaucracy
and boring non-typical-geek stuff.

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