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Re: Finding sponsors for Debian

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On 13.03.2012 09:19, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> How about the Sprint page I've mentioned in my previous reply? I
> know that it has worked well for other $companies, but it'd be
> useful to know if your $company find that convincing or not. If
> they don't, it would be helpful if you can share your impressions
> on why they don't.

reporting the outcome of my talk to $boss. [As a disclaimer: He's not
involved into Debian development, he has no clue about organizational
details and my commitment on Debian is purely private. I mean: I am
not paid to work in Debian by him which means his interest is rather
cursorily and some points don't reflect my opinion]:

As I already reported, he would basically like to see a financial
summary for what purpose Debian spends money. It may be all obvious to
Debian Developers but it is not to outsiders. He literally said "If I
donate Debian 20 servers, I know what they use them for. But I don't
know what they do with my money". You know, he's $boss, he has no time
(let's pretend it is time :)) to dig mailing lists, SPI board minutes
and such to grab the information he's interested in. He probably would
like to see some nifty overview tables, some fancy pie charts and
actual expenses presented in a fashion someone not involved into
Debian can understand.

These things should be all coordinated on a central place
understandable to everyone and yes, I appreciate any work done on that
so far. For example he found the sprints interesting, but he denoted a
"not for us" point of view, because he has _no_ clue what "DSA"
"FDDAM" and such means and what their roles are. Please keep in mind
Debian Developer might find these things obvious but I don't think my
boss ever heard of any core team aside of the security team and I
can't resent, as that's not really interesting to !Developers who link
Debian with the software CD they get in hands every other year. He
probably won't read DebConf reports either or would like to hear
"$mycompany sponsored this dinner" unless he's a local sponsor
attending there.

He also suggested, that he'd be willing to give substantial donations
if they were earmarked to certain activities/tasks he's interested in.
That's perhaps like the sprint thing: If you're a company doing
business with groupwares you may be very well interested in the
groupware sprint - if you're not, oh well, ...

Bear in mind, you have plenty opportunities to donate money. There are
lots of organizations which want you to donate - as a donor you have
the choice. The winner is that one who made the best impression and I
think we could do that better (though not literally meaning "me" by

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with kind regards,
Arno Töll
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