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Re: trademark licenses and DFSG: a summary

Hi all,

I think that we can't make requirements or recommendations on others trademarks
without applying them to ourselves.

Have we used our trademarks in the past, and how are we expecting to use them
in the future ?

Then, how does this use complies with our social contract ?

Compared to other organisations (Linux Foundation, Python Software Foundation,
GNOME Foundation, etc…), we do not have a clear trademark license or policy.
Perhaps the reason is that it would contradict our Free Software Guidelines,
just as the licence of our logo does ?

My conclusion is that if trademarks are not essential to our survival, we
should abandon them.  We still can decide to be tolerant with other projects
that do not follow the same path, but that would give us better grounds for
placing limitations on what we accept or not.



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