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Re: trademark licenses and DFSG: a summary

Le Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 03:26:59PM +0000, Uoti Urpala a écrit :
> If you want to allow doing all modifications permitted by the DFSG
> (which includes obnoxious ones) without the effort of rebranding, then
> you must remove all use of trademarks from Debian, including the
> Debian trademark itself.

I support dropping our trademarks.  We have to show the way.  We have a strong
tradition of idenfifying ourselves via trusted information networks that are
under our control; mostly our keyring.  We can also make a step further and
include links (possibly qrcoded) to specific subpages of www.debian.org in the
printed material we distribute which would explain how to authentify the
material.  This is much saner than guaranteeing authenticity through a social
mechanism that intends to inhibit others from modifying our works.

Have a nice day,


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