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   Well I am using debian 2 years now and I never had any problem... 2 weeks before I was build a server, the server has to to with phpmyadmin (as localhost ) ftp server and client,
I had also success setting up a high-availability load balancer with failover and session support (with HAProxy/keepalived)  the server was really really fast since is running with
dual Xenon cpu and 16GB of ram and class 4 ssid... 2 days now the server it's to slow... I check the process with ps -A command and I have already kill the unused, at the end with
the time without any options of me the server goes down..... seams that the Grub was dead or something.... I don't know what to do, and I really need your help since I don't want to
lose all my data ( it's 2 years of job I AM GOING TO DIE if the operating system crash any of the tutorial to recover the GRUB or general the operating system says that probably you
lose your data, what your opinion about that??  Can you please send me a complete tutorial that it's save for my data?? I managed to boot up debian at recovery mode... I didn't restart
2 days now since is the only day since from that, that the computer starts normally..... Please I am desperate and I need to work about project's.. So If you have any tutorial that
can help me, please let me know as soon as possible you can....

Thank you in advance!!!
Best Regards

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