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Re: New round of IRC sessions: call for proposals


I've just closed the poll for proposals: thank you very much to all
Now, here the results.
38 persons participated to the poll, choosing between 10 different 
proposals (multiple choices were allowed):

Session						      Votes
* A day with QA team					24

* Ask the Front Desk/DAM/AM				19

* What about the FreedomBox Project?			17

* A day with Press/Publicity Team			15

* Internationalization in Debian: how it works?		15

* A day with Debian Live team				15

* A day with Debian Games team				8

* A day with Debian GNU/Hurd team			8

* Ask the MIA team					4

* others						3 
	-- of which:					
	A day with DPL					1
	A day with Security Team			1
	(no comment provided)				1

Now, thanks to this numbers I'll try to push our shy teams to an IRC
session ;)
Obviously these was just some proposals I find (probably) interesting,
but more/different sessions can be held: if you'd like to held a session
about your Debian-related work (as a team or individual) don't be shy and
just propose it! 
I found particularly interesting the proposal about Debian Security team
(thanks neck!), so I'll pester them to held a session.

Sessions will be probably held in March (initial idea was to held them on
mid-February but I have some RL work to do in that period) so: stay

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e nostra legge è la libertà
ed un pensiero
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