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Re: Call for volunteers to join DebConf Committee


I am willing to help if you don't have enough folks. A couple caveats:

1) I am moving this week, so will likely not have full time computer access until next Monday.
2) I am currently not planning on attending DC13. (Things could change, if I am really needed onsite, and I can break free from work.)

If the decision meeting is at least a week or two out, I do believe I can read the bids prior to the meeting and contribute. (I was part of the team that did a lot of the legwork for the DC10 bid.) Also, I should have time to contribute through the DC13 cycle, in so far as attending meetings, and doing what I can from NYC.

No worries, if you end up having enough folks that are more experienced, and/or will be attending DC13.


On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 2:34 PM, Moray Allan <moray@sermisy.org> wrote:
The DebConf chairs are looking for additional people to join the
DebConf Committee, in time to help break any tie that emerges in the
DebConf13 decision process.

Here's the short-term job description:

Responsibilities: Read through the DebConf13 bids before the decision
meeting, attend the meeting, be ready to voice your opinions to help
reach a decision, and ready if needed to cast a vote to help a final
decision.  (And, in the event that it's impossible to get a decision
during the meeting for some good reason, attend a second meeting.)

Qualifications: It would be helpful if you have attended DebConf
previously, and if you hope to attend DebConf13 in 2013.

Ideal candidates would be willing to stay involved with DebConf13 to
some degree through its cycle.

If you're interested, please speak to one of us (moray/h01ger/gwolf)
on IRC or reply to this mail.

on behalf of the DebConf chairs

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