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Announcing debian-mobile@lists.debian.org!

Hi all, 

Thanks to our benevolent listmasters[0], everyone interested in discussing 
mobile interfaces in Debian, Debian on mobile devices, etc, now has a new 


As its description says, this new mailing list is meant to be the place for 
"discussions around packaging suitable mobile interfaces for Debian." When 
discussing the creation of the mailing-list [0], we tried to define what was 
meant by "mobile":

  "Mobile systems have a user-interface different than the traditional
  'keyboard+mouse' pair, can be battery-powered, have a generally small form
  factor and/or only allow few elements on a given screen."

Information about running Debian, Linux and other Free Software on mobile 
devices has been gathered on the Mobile[1] and Smartphone[2] wiki pages.

We would like to invite all participants scattered around in the multiple 
mailing lists to join debian-mobile@lists.debian.org to discuss and work on 
bringing Debian to mobile devices.

In order to organize and coordinate the team work, we would also like to hold 
an IRC meeting soon, so please add your preferences to the poll[3]. 


Didier Raboud (OdyX) and Paul Wise (pabs)

0. http://bugs.debian.org/643678
1. http://wiki.debian.org/Mobile
2. http://wiki.debian.org/Smartphone
3. http://papillon.lamiral.info/poll/8Rg7331327063101/

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