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Re: Planning Ubuntu Developer Week

Fowarding this to debian-project as I believe it is an appropriate
place for this request.


Hello everybody,

in the past I mentioned the planning of Ubuntu Developer Week, so I
thought I'd mention it again. UDW is going to happen from 31st January
to 2nd February. This time we also offer 30m slots for the IRC sessions,
so it's maybe a smaller commitment when people sign up.

Iain Lane and Stefano Rivera graciously agreed to give a 30 minute
"Working with Debian" session, to give an insight into how current and
future Ubuntu developers can make sure both Debian and Ubuntu benefit.
When discussing this the idea came up to also have a "Working in Debian"
session, which explains how to contribute to Debian and how things in
Debian generally work.

If anyone is interested, please let me know. The preliminary schedule is
up here:


Have a great day,

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