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Re: 1 year release good enough.

On 01/01/12 22:05, Josselin Mouette wrote:
Le dimanche 01 janvier 2012 à 16:19 +0530, dE . a écrit :
This is bullshit. Desktop systems don’t have specific release cycle
needs. Also note that the most popular desktop operating system uses a
release cycle of 3 years, not 1 year.
You might not have known, but the LTS release is not often used much....
What LTS release? There’s only one major Windows release every 3 years,
and you can’t say these releases aren’t used much.

Ok, since the 80's how many Windows releases have there been?

And since 2000, how many Linux distro (+ their releases) have been released?

Whom should a Linux developer target? Whome should a company developing Linux drivers target? Do they assume users to be running 2 year old libraries?

Ok, I'll given e.gs. For starters, try compiling GIT ffmpeg on one of
the stable boxes.... Hay, that's the official ffmpeg way...
Why wouldn’t it work? I had no trouble at all backporting libav to
stable not long ago. Of course, the fact that libav developers are
morons when it comes to releasing doesn’t help, but it’s not related to
our release cycle.

libav != ffmpeg.

What about attack surface? Desktops are issues cause most people use
Windows, and we ain't talking bullshit OSs here.

A server is on day and night increasing the attack surface -- still
worst, it has to listen and respond to queries which may be malformed to
trigger a vulnerability. But Desktops have file wall installed -- they
take no queries.
Could you do one thing for me? Just one? Please never, EVER, apply for a
job which is even remotely related to computer security.

Thank you, and happy year 2012.

I don't use Debian on servers anyway.

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