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Re: [DEP5] Format of Copyright header

On Wednesday 14 December 2011 08:31:17 Steve Langasek wrote:
> On the other hand, while a "formatted text" field type may be reflowed for
> display, is there any software doing that today wrt DEP5? 

config-edit doe not.

> Maybe it's
> enough to rely on the absence of such formatting in DEP5 parsers for the
> time being; if and when something starts to care about formatting the
> Copyright field, we can always scan the archive to detect files that look
> like they'll wind up formatted poorly.

> And of course, anyone who cares about formatting to this degree can always
> add that extra space at the front of the line.  I notice, in fact, that
> all our examples of multi-line Copyright: fields in the draft already do
> this.

Current parser relies on this extra space to distinguigh between a copyright 
continuation and extra fields.

For instance, a parser will fail if a copyright field is written this way:

Copyright: 2008: John Smith
2009: Angela Watts

because a parser cannot decide if "2009:" is a copyright continuation or an 
extra field.

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