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Re: FYI: Creative Commons 4.0 process starts

On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 07:12:19AM +0800, Paul Wise wrote:
> I think we need to ensure that the version 4.0 licenses do not regress
> in their acceptability for Debian.


> I hope Debian folks (especially ftpmasters) will be willing to
> subscribe to the cc-licenses list and help ensure that the CC 4.0
> licenses will be suitable for Debian.

I don't think it's reasonable to ask ftp-masters, who are already busy
with a lot of stuff on a day to day basis, to represent Debian in the CC
process (with which, FWIW, I'm *not* familiar). If they want to do it,
that's great! But we should be ready to have someone else as a backup
and avoid repeating the usual mistake of always overloading the same
individuals with more and more tasks.

So, to turn this into something even more useful: is there anyone
willing to keep an eye on the CC process on behalf of Debian?

The ideal candidate should be a license geek in agreement with the
current position of the Debian Project on which licenses are DFSG-free
and which are not.  We would all love if such a person will take care of
reporting what is going on in the CC process, looking from a Debian
angle, on a regular basis.

Thanks for the heads up, Paul!
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