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Re: [Soc-coordination] call for volunteers: Debian liaisons for Google Code-In


I'd love to volunteer for this. I was a GSoC student this year working
(and still am) on the 'Team Metrics' project.

> - having time to devote to the task from the beginning of November to
>  the beginning of January


> - calling for / organizing ways to collect Debian "easy hacks", that
>  will be given out as GCI tasks

I cannot say with complete certainty that I will be able to act as a
mentor for all tasks, but yes, if a DD volunteers, then I should have
no problem to handle this with him/ her. I am ready for the
administrative tasks and paper work that might be required and I can
and want to mentor a project I feel comfortable about.

> - interacting with the students that will take part in GCI


I really hope that some DD volunteers and we do apply because Code-In
like Google Summer of Code holds great benefit for the participating
students as well as Debian (from a personal experience).


Sukhbir Singh

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