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Re: DEP-11: AppStream and Component Metadata for Debian

Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org> writes:

> I marked DEP 11 as DRAFT on http://dep.debian.net/ and added a DEP 0
> header on http://wiki.debian.org/AppStreamDebianProposal.
> Perhaps you can add a short explanation about what AppStream is for ?
> I did not find a short and simple introduction on the upstream web
> page.

I searched in vain for an explanation of AppStream also.

Matthias, the URL you give does not help; it assumes knowledge of
AppStream and instead talks about co-ordinating the people and tasks
involved in the project.

Please find (or, if it doesn't exist, write) a different page with an
explanation of AppStream and what it means for Debian, and link to that

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