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Re: Summary of scientific research on Debian (was: DD age histogram)

On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 7:15 PM, Gunnar Wolf wrote:

> Well, if you are the author, even though the final print-copy files
> are not freely distributable (as they include layout that's usually
> property of the publishing journal/editorial), you can always decide
> to share publicly the final version you sent for them to form. Having
> that, together with full publication information, should be enough.

I guess that doesn't work when the University owns the copyright.

> Also, thankfully, every day there are more Open Access-friendly
> academic publications. FWIW, my University (not a particularly liberal
> one, and a very large one) is pushing all of its Institutes and
> Faculties to set up public repositories with Open Access (yes, not
> necessarily DFSG-free, but a huge difference from the completely
> closed model used until recently).

That is extremely good news.

> Please keep in mind that if you presented a preliminary work at a
> previous DebConf, you can still edit the event and attach the
> published (or updated) material.

I was thinking of more proactive work pushing Debian in new ways based
on the conclusions of the study, rather than just communicating the



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