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Debian Swiss Knife - Order yours now!

Hi all, 

as was presented during the DebConf11 lightning talks, the Debian Swiss Knives 
project has now reached a new milestone: we are ready to take pre-orders !


All the needed information is already available on the Debian wiki, but let me 
summarize it here:

  Debian.ch is about to order Debian-branded Swiss Knives, based on received
  pre-orders on the above wiki page by the end of August 2011.

  Two models⁰ are available:
    a) the big "Nomad", with 11 functions (34 CHF)
    b) the geeky "CyberTool 29", with 28 functions (41 CHF)

  … in two colors⁰:
    i)  matte black
    ii) matte blue

  For each model (no matter the proportions of chosen colors), there is a
  needed minimum amount of pre-orders for the final order to happen for a
  given model, but there is no maximum.

  The prices are the current market prices, they include branding and gift-box
  and are the maximum you can expect to pay¹. Those prices don't include

  The pre-ordering period will end on 31. August 2011. Some time after that,
  each listed person will get a confirmation email with further instructions
  and questions about shipping addresses, etc.

  Any benefit from this operation will go to Debian, trough Debian.ch.

Best regards and cheers,


⁰ And only those two. 
¹ The final prices might end up being smaller iff enough people pre-order 
  knives !

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