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Re: Summary of scientific research on Debian (was: DD age histogram)

On Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 10:22:37AM -0400, Michael Hanke wrote:
> What about collecting the actual document and attaching them to this
> page (license permitting), or a DOI link?

DOI, both with or without link, would be very useful.

Given the (sad) situation of research publication licenses, I doubt we
can put on the wiki many publication PDFs, including preprints. As an
author, most of the agreements I have to sign with publishers allows me
to publish preprints on my homepage, but not to redistribute them
elsewhere; and I can hardly make the point that a wiki page on
wiki.debian.org collecting papers from many scholars is my
homepage... (This is so ignoring the fact that I generally don't care
about those restrictions and I publish on my homepage all preprints as
some sort of "resistance" to the system; of course this is something I
could do on my homepage but that I cannot propose for the Debian wiki.)

What we could do is adding links to PDF available on entities like
CiteSeer, which are borderline legal in many cases, but at least are
external to the Debian wiki.

> What about merging the separate publication list into this page
> (actually there was a discussion on a canonical reference file for
> Debian related work on debian-science some time ago)?
> Note, these question are meant like: Is there consensus on doing it this
> way, not that somebody else should do it ;-)

I think that if you are willing to do that yourself, the consensus will
be vacuously there :)

Thanks for raising this topic,
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