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Call for DebConf13 bids

Although we're still in the build-up to DebConf11, organising a
conference isn't quick, so it's already time for us to start thinking
about possible locations for DebConf13. We encourage everyone to think
about whether their city would make a good DebConf location, and, if
it would, to start working on a proposal.

There will be a chance to describe your bid to the rest of the DebConf
attendees during a special session at DebConf11, probably on 30 July.
Participating in this event is not a requirement to make a bid, but
all bids are encouraged to present something at this session, or to
send a few slides if no one from the bid team can be present.  Of
course, presenting in this session doesn't commit you to making a
formal bid -- if you are even considering a bid, please feel free to
use the session to seek feedback from attendees.

If you are considering bidding (and please do!), make a page for your
bid in the DebConf wiki, and add a link to

You can find some more background information in Gunnar's blog post at

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us, for example in
the #debconf-team channel on irc.debian.org.


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