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question about Debian Logo with Debian

Hello, how are you?

About me:
I am using Debian at work (workstation), home (laptop), home (mldonkey and torrentflux and samba server), and some hosting and multimedia desktop servers.
writing my own Linux blog, where most manuals are based on Debian.
Sometimes help my co-worker to maintain http://debian.mirror.vu.lt 

I wanted to print some stickers on my car and one of them would be Debian Logo with words: "I use *Debian logo* where i can, where i can't I use *Linux logo*"

Some Researches:
I have searched your web:
Can I use Debian Logo with Debian name for that purpose (my english isn't very well as you can see), so i didn't clearly understand if I can use it, it's not for Business, but for my personal use.

Thank you.
Waiting for your reply.
Have a nice $day_time

Ruslanas Gzibovskis

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