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Report from the Debian Edu developer gathering in Hamburg

Report from the Debian Edu developer gathering in Hamburg
(June 3rd - 5th 2011)

Our goal: to prepare the release of Debian Edu Squeeze

Attendees: 8 (6 from Germany, one from Norway, one from Spain)
  plus Gizmo (our artist, see below) and several other people who showed by 
  for some time (mostly from "Chaos macht Schule", see below)

Pics: http://album.db3ydh.de/main.php?g2_itemId=4770
Webpage: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Gathering/2011-Hamburg

Things being worked on:

- documentation
- gosa fixes (netgroup plugin)
- local non-admin user
- samba integration
- testing of our squeeze installation images, we did 65 test-installs in 
  Hamburg alone, plus there was a mini-gathering in Trondheim in parallel:
- svn r73285:73506 - more than 200 commits!
- fixing DVD images to support i386 LTSP chroot creation
- artwork
- store installer password as ssha in ldap to fix gosa problems

Bugs fixed (in svn & our repo):

#629042 #629044 #602863 #629060 #606127 #606314 #602859 #629049
#613167 #617371 #617363 #602859 #602863 #487413 #629062 #629062
#629040 #629058 and a bunch of bugs filed against bugs.skolelinux.org


Bugs filed:

about 20, not tracked :( 
(Will improve tracking next time :)

The big result^wgoal of the meeting:

- Beta1 release - codename "no more nice to have" (still pending, but we're
  still working on it daily since the gathering)
- known problems atm: windows clients cannot join the samba domain

Individual work done

- Mike Gabriel

  include netgroups GOsa² plugin into source package
      debian-edu-config (as binary package: debian-edu-config-gosa-netgroups)
  add localadmin user account for doing initial set up of a Debian Edu network
  fixed Krb5/NFSv4 on diskless workstations
  remove NTP server from tjener's ntpd.conf, replaced by Debian
  revert Samba security=ADS configuration to security=DOMAIN
- Klaus Ade Johnstad
  Setup test environment
  testing and bugging GOsa²
  testing diskless and thinclients
  filing GOsa² bugs

- Jürgen Leibner
  documentation of GOsa² used to configure Debian Edu

- Daniel Hess
  Store 'super-admin's password in a GOsa compatible way
  Fix ltsp chroot creation for i386 with DVD install
  Fixing bugs in our d-i scripts
  package uploads

- Andi Mundt
  GOsa tests/fixes (+ldap+installation)
  gathering motivation, thoughts and ideas for the future 

- Alejandro Escanero Blanco
  work on gosa upstream
  help us with our gosa setup, fix some bugs (ie  
  https://oss.gonicus.de/labs/gosa/ticket/1144) plus enhancements to "our" 
  netgroups plugin)

- Holger Levsen
  host people at Attraktor hackerspace
  prepare sprint, maintain report and publish it
  organize RL status meetings at the meeting
  sponsor package uploads
  help people with packaging questions etc
  help gizmo with requirements etc for new debian-edu artwork
  bug triage in the BTS

- Christoph Muetze (gizmo or http://twitter.com/chris_muetze)
  create beautiful artwork (work in progress, soon to be included in the 
  debian-edu-artwork package)

- Marcel Sandow
  translation GOsa netgroups
  documentation of GOsa (work in progress)


We also had a 90min discussion with two persons from "Chaos macht Schule",
which is a CCC subproject. where CCC people go to schools and talk about 
data privacy, computer & net security and such subjects. As we both deal
with pupils, teachers & parents, but from different perspectives, this was 
quite interesting.

We also had a small Cheese & Wine party, with some cheese from Spain and
one of the very last bottles of Debian wine from DebConf9 in Extremadura! 
You've missed a great event :-D


Many thanks to the CCC Hamburg for letting us use the attraktor hackerspace!

Many thanks to Opensides.be, the OLPC.de association and the Debian sprints
program for their financially supporting the event! If you want to support
these events, please donate via http://www.debian.org/donations

Thanks to $you, for making the event a success and to $you, for reading this far!


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